Computer Aided Dispatching Solution


Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) Police – Fire – EMS Overview

With minimum training, the Computer Aided Dispatch program enables the Dispatcher to quickly enter all pertinent information concerning the incident. UCR codes, streets, officers on duty, and action codes are selected from pull-down menus.  Dispatch time, arrival, and cleared times are entered by a simple click in that particular field.  The Dispatcher is guided quickly and efficiently through the completion of the incident.  CAD3000 will not allow an incident to be completed if there are any empty mandatory fields and will direct the Dispatcher to enter the necessary information.
The CAD is also integrated with various modules of the Records Management System to allow for instant alerts, quick lookups, and a quick auto-enter process.
All data entered into the integrated CAD system is instantly viewable in the Records Management System. This eliminates duplicate data entry and data errors.
Highlighted Features of Integrated CAD System (Police-Fire-EMS Overview)

  • Integrated Police/Fire/EMS CAD system
  • Track calls all for service
  • Non-CFS tracking
  • One-click agency integration
  • Track all agencies on one screen
  • COLLECT Integration
  • Call Stacking
  • Customizable Call Sort – i.e. Priority Level, Time of Call, Location, etc
  • Enter times across multiple agencies
  • Common Caller Lookups/Auto Enter
  • Building lookups (i.e. lists areas within building based on building name or number)
  • Paging integration – am responding, informed, spotted dog. Others are available on request.
  • AVL/Mapping integration –
    • Point and Click environment
    • ODBC capabilities
    • Cad integration
    • Live Vehicle Tracking
    • Optional History records
    • Option of GPS units to interface with vehicle operations tracking (i.e. lights and sirens)
  • Call Handling integration
    • ProQA – Certified
    • PowerPhone- Completing Development
  • E911 Integration
  • Shared Property Database
    • Police/Fire/EMS/Building Dept share property info and hazmat data
  • Mobile CAD – All Agencies (view and/or interact with CAD from the field)
  • Quick search and Detailed search features – Search Complete database (secure records not viewable)
  • Quick Alerts:
    • User-definable alerts and notifications
    • Location history
    • Person history
    • Restraining/protective orders
  • Banned Persons (Persona Non-Grata)
  • MDT Messaging
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Instant Messaging
  • Searching
    • Quick Name – enter a name or portion of a name to search the entire database
    • Detailed – Search all applicable fields of the database
    • All searches only show data available based on security levels
  • Reports and Inquiries
  • The dispatcher can search the entire RMS database by name (or any portion of a name) and by any information entered into the database i.e. incident number, address, motor vehicle info, narrative, CAD details, etc. while still operating the CAD
  • Dispatchers can view and print search results
  • Various reports can be generated from the CAD i.e. press report, activity log, etc.

Additional Specific Police Dispatching Features

  • On Click integration with Fire and EMS CAD
  • Office recommendation based on Geolocation
  • Officer Status list – view location of officer on CFS and Non-CSF
  • One-Click officer dispatch
  • Integrated with scheduling software
  • Location pull-down lists
  • Auto location lookups
  • Quick Features – Auto enter data for common call types
    • MV Stop (auto-enter stop, auto COLLECT lookups)
    • Duplicate CAD Card
    • Quick Check (Building/Door Checks)
    • Customizable Quick Features
  • Report Integration – All data collected in the CAD transfers directly to the Report Writer
  • User Definable time alerts
  • Person Data (entered Manually or Auto Entered via COLLECT System)
  • Motor Vehicle Data (entered Manually or Auto Entered via COLLECT System)
  • Instant location history alerts
  • Help Menu – Interactive help menu to guild a dispatcher through the call.

Additional Specific Fire and EMS Dispatching Features

  • One-Click Integration with Police CAD
  • NFIRS compliant
  • Integrated with Fire Reporting System
  • Run Orders
    • Pre-defined run orders for multiple alarms
    • Once click dispatching
    • Number of unit type suggestions
  • Out of service apparatus tracking
  • Can be integrated into FireHouse Software System
  • Track Patient Information
  • Track patch times
  • Track mutual aid
  • Track Required EMS data for state reporting
  • Hospital Tracking



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