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The Redding Police Department has been doing business with SENTRYRMS Computer Designs since our organization in 2002.
In 2002 this department migrated from only using SENTRYRMS Computer software for dispatching to using their software as a full Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Software (RMS) solution. This migration was completed expeditiously and cost effectively.
Since 2002 the Redding Department has grown its use of the CAD/RMS system exponentially and SENTRYRMS Computers has kept pace without issue. Together we have implemented a multitude of programs, all of which have been completely customized for the Redding Police Department; all of which have been upgraded or managed by SENTRYRMS Computers for no additional cost (in addition to the procurement of the module); and all of which have performed as “advertised”
Fire/EMS Dispatch
Our Dispatchers use SENTRYRMS for all dispatching (police/fire/ems). All data is searchable on one database and all modules are accessible from one CAD entry point.
Police Incident Reporting Module

SENTRYRMS continuously updates this module based on our department’s needs. Forms are immediately updated based on their release from the State and any other internal form or data point which needs to be captured is developed and implemented quickly. The new PR-I is currently in discussion.
Mobile Data Solution

SENTRYRMS’s CAD/RMS product is utilized in our cruisers in its pure form and no middleware is required. Officers working on reports or researching data are doing so in a “live” environment.
AFIS Integration

Our officers only need to enter data once into the CAD/RMS system. Once entered, that data is pushed into the State’s AFIS system where it is ultimately captured prior to prints being taken.
Racial Profiling Module

SENTRYRMS has developed a Racial Profiling module which utilizes existing data when possible, allows the field officer to easily input the required data (effective October, 2013), and captures and sends that data as required by the Office of Policy and management.
E-Ticketing Module
While this is in its infancy stage, this department is beginning to use an E-Ticketing module which is fully integrated into our RMS system. This integration creates an environment where the officer or dispatcher need only enter the data once and it then populates all modules within the RMS.
COLLECT/NCIC Interface Module

This interface is also in its infancy, but is fully functional. This interface integrates the COLLECT data into the RMS data. Officers or dispatchers (who are COLLECT certified) are able to run a plate or operator/individual thru this interface, receive the results, and then auto populate fields within the RMS. This integration not only saves a great deal of time but improves data purity.
SENTRYRMS Computer Designs is a CAD/RMS vendor whom I would whole heartedly recommend. Their responsiveness, development, and cost (in my opinion) offer a product which is unmatched in the current marketplace.

Douglas S. Fuchs

Chief of Police, The Redding Police Department

In my role as Information Technology Manager, I am tasked with overseeing The Records Management System for the Torrington Police Department. SENTRYRMS has been able to provide robust features on a tight budget for over 15 years and continues to meet or exceed our expectations as the demands on the RMS grow.
SENTRYRMS quickly emerged as a leader among our peers. They were highly successful in their role as to conversion and implementation of our previous RMS. Excellent communication and leadership skills created a highly functional team who accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in very short timelines for our Police Department.
I have tended many major projects and upgrades to our RMS system and time and time again SENTRYRMS’s experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of very difficult and time constricted tasks. I depended on SENTRYRMS for coaching with regard to software skills as well as strategy and vision creation for future growth in serving our community.
There are currently several design projects at hand that will significantly impact productivity for our Police dept. These challenges have put pressure to implement rapidly. The pre-chosen software did not accommodate functionality requirements. SENTRYRMS presented several options with both pros and cons. This enabled our Police Dept. to make informed decisions with regard to customizations. SENTRYRMS continuously explores and researches every option without judgment.
SENTRYRMS has the ability to transition from a technical role to a management role where appropriate. The skill to “bridge the gap” between the technical and the functional makes SENTRYRMS an excellent facilitator between IT and the Torrington Police Dept. Rarely does a business possess this exceptional talent.
Overall, SENTRYRMS is a tremendous contributor to the continuous success of the Services of our RMS system. SENTRYRMS works with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of their work consistently exceeds expectations. I highly recommend SENTRYRMS and any resources that they endorse.

Rudy Pullano

IT Manager, Torrington Police Department

I am writing with regards to the services you have provided the Town of Orange Police Department for the last 20 plus years. If memory serves me correctly we were one of the first handful of police departments to come on board with your company’s innovative, MAC based product. As our Department grew so did yours and eventually we migrated to the PC based system we have today.
There are many reasons that we have stayed loyal to SENTRYRMS Computer Design for so long, first and foremost has got to be service. Top down, your company has always been responsive to our service needs. Second is the flexibility of your product. Those personal touches whether it is a color change or the addition of a function, your staff never made an excuse as to why it could not be accommodated. It was simply executed. Last, affordability:. There are many CAD/RMS systems out there in today’s market. There are none that offer what you offer for the budget you require. In today’s tight economic times, I would be hard pressed to switch to competitor knowing what your systems have already delivered
I would gladly discuss our success with the SENTRYRMS Computer Design CAD/RMS suite with any positional clients and they are welcome to see what the system does for us.

Anthony Cuozzo

Asst. Chief of Police, Orange Police Department

SENTRYRMS computer software has been in place at the Torrington Fire Department since 2002, where the Fire Marshal’s Office was utilizing the Forms portion of the software. The program was user-friendly and SENTRYRMS worked with us to customize the forms database for our department.
In 2008 the department acquired SENTRYRMS Computer Design’s Full Record Management System, as the department did not have a fully integrated record management system or computer-aided dispatch system in place. The department worked with SENTRYRMS Computer to install and customize the Record Management System to meet our needs. The fully computer-aided dispatch was incorporated with our mobile cad to get live data in our apparatus out in the field, and they created a scheduling program to meet the needs of our department.
Two years ago the Torrington Fire Department contracted with a regional dispatch center to provide dispatch for the fire department. SENTRYRMS Computer Design worked with the dispatch center and wrote an interface for their software to work with the dispatch software. They provide us with excellent support for their software and work with us on improvements with updates as they come out. The department recently added IPADs to our Fire Marshal Office for use in the field and SENTRYRMS Computer Design was there for this project. They assisted us in creating a better database layout for use with the IPADs.
These are just some of the examples of how SENTRYRMS Computer Design Software demonstrates the true meaning of “custom” software. They are accommodating, flexible and supportive of their customers and are highly recommended.

Timothy Tharau

Fire Marshal, Torrington Fire Department

I am writing this letter to express my thanks to you and the employees of SENTRYRMS Computer Design for your many years of quality software and service. I have always found your company to be very service oriented and collaborative. One of the company’s greatest strengths is being innovative and adapting to a particular need for the customers when necessary, a trait often lacking with some companies. I would be remiss if I did not mention the quality of customer service we receive from Senior Account Manager, Marc Meole. Marc as well as, many others in the company has always been available to assist with any question, training or upgrading as we expand our capabilities. I have been very satisfied with your product and service since 1990 when I was with the Orange Police Department and was pleased to learn that the Southern Police Department was using SENTRYRMS Computer Design for CAD/RMS when I arrived at Southern in 2006.
I look forward to continuing working with your company and exploring the many options available that will interface with your software. It is refreshing to know that you are Connecticut based and you and your employees provide prompt response whenever there may be a need.

Joseph M. Dooley

Chief of Police, Southern Connecticut State University

As the IT Officer for the Easton Police Department, I have worked with SENTRYRMS for over 20 years. I have seen SENTRYRMS grow from a very small entity to, what I believe to be, a leader in the innovation of computer record management for the police business. While most businesses have been just keeping up with the times, SENTRYRMS Computer has used their experience to develop software before we know we need it. They find a better way to collect information before it becomes a state-mandated change. When the new program is implemented, it is complete. Because of, what I believe to be their precise planning of a piece of software, bugs do not exist in their final products. They have taken their programs and worked very closely with me and my chief to adapt their software specifically to the Easton Police Department’s needs.
I have high expectations of SENTRYRMS since I have been working with them for so long. I expect the same service today as I received on that first day so many years ago. Although they have grown and expanded in leaps and bounds over the years, the service has actually become better. I never have to chase anyone down about upgrades or form updates. They come to me with an updated plan and always seem to be thinking of ways to collect information better. I highly recommend SENTRYRMS for the service they provide, the knowledgeable staff and the “drop everything attitude” that they have when I call with a question. They are a very comfortable ally in the important and dangerous job that we do every day.

James R Candee

Former Chief of Police, Easton Police Department

I have had the opportunity to work with SENTRYRMS personnel to include Frank, Marc, Bryon John, and Connie in my professional capacity as the Eastern Connecticut State University Police Department Training Coordinator/Patrol Sergeant for the past 3 years.
My interaction(s) with the above staff personnel has been nothing but professional and positive. They are always receptive to assisting me and improving the efficiency of our CAD system when issues and upgrades are involved. We have had obstacles along the way with our AFIS system, camera capacity and they have always tried to work closely with our IT departments to address the issues at hand. As a result, our system is more proficient in aiding/walking the Officers through their reports and when running department internal reports to include Racial profiling/MV stats, Cleary (specific to the University), and NIBRS.
The staff has always been found to be dependable and conscientious when working with the Eastern Connecticut State University Police Department’s personnel and are available on an on-call basis during the off hours. Marc has come to the department personally on at least two occasions and conducted tutorial training’s for our Department Officers and Dispatchers in educating them on the capabilities of the CAD system. We just recently have taken advantage of using the training database in making our training records more accurate and proficient in case of reviews and audits. The SENTRYRMS Computer Designs’ staff usually always follows up with regards to callbacks and in addressing the issues at hand, making and tweaking the CAD system ECSU PD specific to our needs. Technicians Marc, John, and Bryon always have a pleasant and friendly demeanor and we have a great rapport even if/when it is determined to be operator error.
I am very appreciative of what this company does and represents. I truly appreciate our business and personal relationship in my capacity as administrator, especially when they connect with my computer remotely and walk me through the issues or show me how to do something firsthand. It makes my job so much easier due to my limited computer experience and knowledge and for this point alone I am very grateful.

Sgt. Lisa Hamilton


We have been working with SENTRYRMS for close to 20 years and have had nothing but a positive experience. Frank and all his staff are extremely attentive to our needs. We recently purchased a new server and upgraded our system and SENTRYRMS made the transition flawless. They were attentive to our needs by customizing our system to help us manage Clery Act compliance; for those of you on a college campus know can cause concern. Our software from SENTRYRMS allows us to better manage our staff thus increasing our productivity to our community.
Simply put: SENTRYRMS has helped our department grow and mature with the ever-changing environment.

John Ritchie

Lieutenant/Assistant Director, Fairfield University Department of Public Safety

I wanted to write you guys at SENTRYRMS Software and let you know that the Manchester Community College Police Department is very satisfied with your product.
The customized police software is a great fit for a college police department. The CAD, database, and reporting functions really improved officer safety, accountability, and professionalism in our delivery of police services. I am also pleased with the customer service we receive whenever a need arises for us to contact SENTRYRMS. I have asked for several customized documents specifically for my department and SENTRYRMS created the documents, integrated them into the software, and did this in a prompt, professional manner.
I would highly recommend SENTRYRMS Software to any department that is looking to upgrade theirs.

Michael J. Davis

Commanding Officer, Manchester Community College Police Department



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