Computer-Aided Dispatching Solution


User Friendly Design – Faster Response

Quickly and easily manage officers, apparatus pending and ongoing calls. Recommended apparatus and officer response

System Alerts – Increased Responder Safety

Enter alerts for known subjects, add addresses, protective orders, weapon permits extended dispatch. Instant message to mobile units.

Mapping/AVL – Accurate Response

Track officers by vehicle.
Displays incident location.
Provides nearest car/apparatus to the scene.

System Integration- Fast, Efficient, Accurate Reporting

The SENTRY CAD system fully integrates into our complete suite of products. This eliminates duplicate data entry in writing reports. We also integrate with other software products such as 911, collect, EMD software, and much more.

Mobile Interface – Information Where and When You Need It

With our mobile CAD interface, real-time data is viewable from your mobile computer, iPad, or other mobile devices.• Run Collect Quarries from within HPS Software
• Auto Enter COLLECT Data to RMS
• All available interface features included
• Provides NLET searches
• Weapons alerts
• Daily histories of all incidents

Custom Modules and Reports – Meeting Your Needs

We understand that all of our clients have specific and unique needs for their department. That is why we customize our software to meet your individual needs.

Other Features

• Auto enter Previous Caller, Persons, MV information
• Quick Call Feature (Auto enter frequently used call with types)
• Quick unit status entry
• Time/Date/User Stamp
• Quick Search features for quick recall of historical data
• Paging / Messaging
• More


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